Covid-19 Shipping

Hi everyone! Joelin here, Artist / Illustrator of Fiveonthe.

My online shop will continue to run as per usual, however due to the whole situation, international customers are must have tracking for their orders. Shipping methods have automatically been changed so all orders include tracking.
Evidently we are advised to expect be domestic/international shipping delays due to flight cancellations and government restrictions because of COVID-19. Australia Post is working with partner airlines and other postal operators to move items as quickly as possible, so please keep that in mind if your parcel is taking slightly longer than usual to arrive! :)
Any new updates on shop / art will be on my Instagram @fiveonthe
I hope that receiving the happy kupo mail from my shop brings happiness to your day; it allows me to keep supporting myself and what I do, and I am appreciative of everyone who purchases from my shop even during these uncertain times! Thank you so much.