March ⊹ Shop Update

Hi everyone!

Shop update is live and available now 18 March ⊹ 11am (AWST), which includes restocks for:

  • Primal Ofuda wooden charms
  • Scion G'raha enamel pins
  • 20% off all soul crystals & enamel pins as a celebration for my shop's 5 year anniversary!! 

Also, a sneak peek into what's in the works at the moment; Reversible Bucket Hats! They will be embroidery designs for Meteion/Endsinger and Hythlodaeus/Hades. Along with 3" clear holographic stickers for our favourite happy/sad birb. 💙 Currently I am working out a sample prototype before confirming production, and I'll be able to give an estimate on when they are available once that's all done.

Thank you for your patience! If you have any question please feel free to contact me or check out my IG/Twitter for updates. 🤗💖

— Fiveonthe